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Puncture Why is it a Must-watch?

Puncture – Why is it a Must-watch?


One of the most awaited movies of all times is Adam and Mark Kassen’s Puncture that is due to release this September. With the official movie trailer hitting the screens recently, this movie has initiated quite a lot of curiosity. No wonder, all the movie buffs are waiting for this movie to unveil.



Puncture is making headlines for its unique plot that has already interested several people. Another striking thing about this movie is showcasing the famous Houston-based trial lawyer, Mark Lanier. The story is based on a true event that also happens to be one of Mark’s own cases.


It is about a drug addict lawyer, Mike Weiss (played by Chris Evans) who is messed up in several aspects of his life. Paul Danziger (played by Mark Kassen) is his old and close mate and law partner. The story gets interesting when both Mike Weiss and Paul Danziger probes into a case that relates a nurse who gets to face severe repercussions after she gets pricked by a contaminated syringe needle.




In the process, the duo comes to find out that a company, which deals with safe syringes that are targeted for health workers, is being suppressed due to some reason. Mike Weiss and Paul Danziger try their best to highlight the company at the cost of their law business and bulk investments.




The directors felt that working on a true-life story can help viewers connect to the movie easily. There have been rumors that the script has been modified from the real story to make it at par with Hollywood-style movies.


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